Dell: Wyse Streaming Manager installation redesign


Evaluate and direct changes to improve the user experience of enterprise application installation and getting started process.


I began the evaluations of the installation and getting started experiences by attempting to set the solution up.  After several tries and assistance of experienced IT administrator I was still unable to complete the process.

Concerned that my experience was not consistent with the end users I conducted a participant observation study. I recruited experienced users who had worked with similar solutions. I was observed through the entire 4-hour installation and getting started process. I learned that their experiences mirrored my own challenges.

My next steps were to create an installation and getting started framework. This process included understanding the limitations and constraints of the enterprise software installation process. This feed into the creation of a best practices document as a reference for all software teams.


Initially my role was to guide and advise the product teams my role grew over time into to a full time user experience designer. I was responsible for redesigning the installation and getting start experience from design research to implementation.


During the research I identified a bug in the installation process that created a major error that forced the user to abandon the installation process and start over. The implemented design solutions reduced the length of the installation process by 30% and improved user experiences.


Web Application


User Insights, Workflow Diagrams, and Wireframes


Participant Observation, Observation, and Workflow Analysis

User reaction when he experiences a bug in the installation process. This bug reinstalled the database a second time if the user selected the back button.

Example screens from the off brand install and getting started. Because the product-included hardware that needed to have an operating system installed then captured the getting started process took place on different systems but the getting started process did not provide the user with instructions.

Documenting the installation process across time helped the engineers and product owner see the problems with the user experience.