Dell: iDRAC process transformation


Transforming my engagement from tactical support to strategic leadership to speed up and reduce waste in the design and development process.


My initial engagement at Dell was to support the Server product team, an engagement that had been historically tactical. My initial support was to create wireframes for each software release according to the marketing requirements document.

This type of engagement required me to create wireframes for 80+ user stories that spread across seven development teams. Each team would ask me to create wireframes to incorporate into their behavior specifications. I quickly became a bottle neck in the process and was unable to keep up. I was being asked to wireframe user stories that had not prioritized for the next release. This created wasted effort and delays.

For the following product release I was determined to reduce waste and increase my impact on the user experience. I worked with the product owner to move my engagement closer to the front of the process. Helping drive user stories into the marketing requirements document and prioritizing the features that would be included into the next release.

By engaging earlier I reduced the number of wireframes from 80+ to less than 25 wireframes. This process eliminated the design bottleneck and ensured that I could focus on the experiences that were most impactful to the majority of end users.


I was the only design resource working with a team off 100+ engineers and developers. I was responsible for all design specifications.


By moving from the end for the development process to the front of the strategic process the product development time line was increased and I could easily support the large development team.


Web Application and a product partnership with the users, business and development.


Wireframes, research and strategic leadership


Understanding business and software development process

The user interface for the server element manager.

Using feedback from users I created a proposed mobile application that omitted many of the developer and marketing features that were unwanted.